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Thursday, January 14, 2016

oreo yogurt cookies n cream

I walked to Target as I felt like "Cukup la mereput hari ni jom kita berjalan-jalan sikit," and I tewas dengan satu pack Oreo cookies. After I grabbed the pack, I went for a tour (acah sangat) dalam Target.

ANDDD I FOUND OREO CREAM AND COOKIES YOGURT it looks yummy total yummy. tak tunggu lama, lepas ScanHalal, ok halal, ambil.

Then on my way to checkout, there was one boy about 6 to 7 years old just arrived with his dad.

The funny part was, he saw me holding a pack of Oreo AND THE OREO YOGURT, no, the correct structure would be; he was staring the pack of Oreo I was holding before turning to his dad and "We need Oreo dad we need Oreo," and that definitely cracked me out. I was like a silly girl laughing all by herself walking towards checkout because of the little boy.

Because I didn't have shopping bag, I didn't use self-checkout. I need bag! I didn't wanna carry my Oreos all the way from Target home crossing the roads and whatnot. After all, I am a girl.

And when it was my turn, the cashier, "omg is this yogurt? yummy oreo yogurt. it looks nice. i didn't know they have it. i will definitely get it for my lunch," (take note it was 6.30 pm when people start having dinner instead of lunch)

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