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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Ledang to Malacca@Muar@Batu Pahat

To wake up very early in the morning so that your very-not-well-planned weekend to have a visit to Malacca becomes true.
However the people that planned the visit with you made sudden decision not to join the visit. Why?

Lol of course because they woke up late.

Long story short, I drove to Batu Pahat all the way from Ledang through Bukit Gambir and Pagoh and ya you name it, for about 3 hrs..... which usually takes only, 1 hour, okay. Kaka never fail to be by my side. Whose else's side Kaka might be in that very particular time anyway.

Arriving the BPMall made us feel proud, like succeeded a not planned trip I'd say.

Shame is when you wanna go one floor up on escalator that was actually, going down, is, not, funny, kot. Hahahahahhaa
If only I could demo.

Too much worries for our way back, we asked several people at the BP Mall.

And when it was this one male cashier's turn, I asked,
"Tahu tak jalan ke Ledang?"

He was like hesitating. "Er, you wanna go down?" While pointing at the escalator.

I didn't laugh. Kaka did.

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  1. Sorry dude. My sleepiness cant help itself. Im still struggling yknow