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Sunday, April 1, 2018

List of people's kindnesses towards me (pinned post, at least until April 1, 2018)

I become more appreciative so I decided to make a list of people's kindnesses towards me, as far as I could remember. As time flies, I will try to come back to this post and update the list. Why I decided to make this list? So that whenever I were to be in hard times or maybe when I have that 'not everyone is kind do not believe anyone' particular moment life principle comes across my mind, I could read this list back and be like, "No kid. You are wrong. This world is still full of positive kind amazing people. It just that you forgot you have once encountered them. Might they be the people around you every single second or just somebody you thought to be nobody you found on the street."

1. I still remember how our seniors treated us super nicely when we first arrived here. Imagine a more-than-a-day flight from Kuala Lumpur to San Jose. No joke man. Super tiring. Super hungry. And they fed us with Ayam masak (ok i forgot. Will try to come back to this) and ikan bilis and nasi putih!!! They even offered to tumpangkan our luggages and stuffs at their place so that it would be easier for us to move into our new house straight after we finished classes, although we refused at first (budak-budak baru nak up memang bajet bagus mcm ni la). On our first day at Ohlone, they even bought us Pringles Sour and Cream from the cafe and bottles of mineral water each for ten of us their juniors. And Arifah who guided me to my first class at Ohlone down the hill. And Arifah even offered to help us bought the comforters, pillows, whatnot for our first night at apartment we just moved into. Kak Piki and Ain who took the bus with us to Walmart together to get all other stuffs: periuk kuali, pinggan mangkuk, sudu garfu, tuala, baldi, selimut, etc. Shoutout to super Ohlone seniors: Eisqil, Alyn, Faizul, Kak Piki, Arifah, Kak Zaza, Azlina, Aina, Iman, dan Ain.

2. Kak Niza and Abang Wan invited us over to their home for buka puasa together. Kak Niza cooked us Mi Hailam, Ayam Masak Merah untuk Nasi Tomato, kari daging, acar. Love.

3. Aunty Ninie cooked us Ayam Masak Merah and (i forgot, again) recently for our buka. Thank you.

4. When the leasing center I am currently residing wanted fumigate our house, they politely asked us to move out to hotel they have arranged for us. Ok. We got to Marriot, with an open bar at the lobby. Screw the leasing management, but A BIG THANK YOU to Mirza Haikarl and Syahmi Izzat for bearing with us at the Marriot's lobby for the whole afternoon. They guys helped to drive Asiah, Elisha, and Fatin to the hotel right after class at 3, then decided to wait for that management people who promised to either call back the lobby or directly come and settle the issue down till 6 pm. And the leasing center was closed we couldn't reach them people of leasing center f. Called our seniors, again, to help us out. And again these two guys who stayed with us for hourssssss willed to drive us, again, to the new place. A big thank you!!! Not to forget to Rahmat Zaki too.

5. Today is July 3 2016. So on Thursday we wanted to have Nasi Arab at East Bay Islamic Center iinm, but we arrived at 9.30 pm when all the food was finished. When we arrived, I went to this one beautiful lady and "Is there any food left?" and she went "No dear. All finished." But then she walked to a group of makciks having their meal at a table. A few moments later, another both innerly and out beautiful lady came with a butter container. "Here I have some pasta for you three. You can have some. Here!" so eagerly they served us three. They even added some kind of rolls, chickens, and roti in our plates. "If you need more, come and get this extra pasta."  Love.

Monday, January 8, 2018

winter break 2017

it's 2.39 am, Jan 8 2018.
Spring semester starts tomorrow. This semester I have one class only on Monday at 9-9.50 that's it then I'm done!!! anyway, it's almost 3 and i haven't been asleep. i guess i'll stay awake all night then.

this break gotta be the most unproductive of me in terms of travelling?... i guess...
bcos i didn't go anywhere. first of all it's the weather freaking cold. second, i wanted to just chill (like literally) at home, and that was achieved. i did finish How I Met Your Mother, Grey's Anatomy, Planet Earth though. third, my fall sem was not great at all so I thought maybe staying at home would be a nice little 'punishment'.

went to meet the adviser and man right after i didnt think i would have any time to spend for travelling until i graduate at all. have to get involved in research labs for 2 semesters in order to make the credits count and guess what yes i only have 2 semesters left too because i'm not extending. i prefer it that way; cramming my semesters and done rather than being leisure and end up with the same results as those crammed ones.

i look forward to spending my summer break (probably 2 weeks because i'll be taking summer classes for every session there is) in west coast!!! I'm craving for grilled turkey sandwich and buffalo wings from Ohlone Deli, burger for Mirchi, bubble tea from Sharetea, calamari with lots of pepper and salt from Teacup if i'm not mistaken, honey garlic chicken wings from Halal Wings Plus, combo platter from The Halal Guys although i can just literally get it from anywhere already, Foodmaxx ah bring me back to Fremont already.

I have a 5-year moments notebook which i aspire to fill w/out any miss this year until 2024.

can't wait to graduate! and visit Tokyo for Olympics 2020! the opening ceremony will be on my birthday!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

depressing movement disorders

after a while

i wanna take a break (of the many breaks that I've had) to say how depressing as much as how fascinating it is to learn about these movement disorders.

makes me wonder, how would human race extinct?
b/c you know how gene mutation is there with every new generation (and which generation are we now? b/c you know how long would it take for the gene to mutate. wouldn't happen overgenerations, just like how it won't happen overnight)

before it strikes me about the end of all these.
heaven or hell.
as a believer, those are the questions used to be imposed; heaven or hell?

let's now act kind and strive for the best, for the best, be it for heaven or hell.

inshaAllah, for heaven.

Monday, February 27, 2017

It's ok to have a dream

Watching all these good dramas and movies makes me compare them to the ones local-made.
Why can't we make ones like those?
Quality over quantity.
Can we have dramas and movies with content? The ones that trace back to our root, history, for the sake of our future generation? Or, if want to make them fun, refer back to the tales we were once told as kids, and include the morals with them.
Improve on the contents first.
Then, move on to the cinematography, editing, OSTs.
We need that.

Up to a point where I dream of producing dramas/films on my own.
With amazing cinematography, OSTs, storyline, all.
Well, it is good to have a dream.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Dramas/Movies/Shows/Songs I could repeatedly watch

For this time being.

1. City Hunter (Drama)
2. Goblin Dokkaebi (Drama)
3. Laskar Pelangi (Film)
4. Train to Busan (Film)
5. Titanic (Film)
6. I Will Go to You Like the First Snow - Ailee (Song)
7. My Love From the Star (Drama)
8. Layar Impian - Ella (Song)
9. Sampai Syurga - Faizal Tahir (Song)

Friday, February 24, 2017


This drama, no joke, is an epic.
Still can't get over it even after I finished watching it for the first time last 2 weeks yes within those 2 weeks I went for the second round and unstoppable of its OSTs on my YouTube playlist.
Holding myself from watching it for the third time.
I should have developed my addiction and love in studies like how I did for the drama and its everything- the casts, storyline, cinematography, OSTs, everything.

Oh boy yes I think Imma rewatch it bye

Monday, February 20, 2017

dying is a waste

I am currently at this point of life where dying would not be worthy because I haven't accomplished much in life.
By accomplishment I mean every aspect that life has to offer; spiritual, social, intellect, emotional, etc.