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Friday, January 18, 2019

New Year New Me wohoo

It has been only 18 past 2019 so I guess Happy New Year wish is still valid?
Well, Happy New Year 2019.

What I look forward to in 2019?
Work to save up for post-grad needs.
Land a real job.
Finish reading the books on my shelves as many as possible before I graduate. I keep buying them since I was a freshman but never finish so let's work on that reading attitude and sell/give them away once I am done. I don't think bringing them back home would be a fantastic idea anyway.
Stop procrastinating.
Catch up on real news.
Write. I never realized how crucial writing process is until last semester, the semester I had least writing to be done, since I transferred, until it's the end was coming. I mean I struggled to write even 2 papers! Bur I nailed that one paper I write on 1997 Asian Financial Crisis which I took ~3 days to finish! Pretty good but no more procrastinating. And for this year onward, I thought of writing based on any prompts I find interesting online, provided I have free time to, and publish it here. Saved me 15 bucks there from that journal with I-don't-exactly-remember-how-many-prompts-in.
Learn new skills. As for now, I am learning Python. It's a free 6-week workshop at the local library so I figure why not, in case I would want to venture out into neural network or AI if this neuroscience grad school thing is not working out.
Watch as many insightful movies and shows as time permits.
Oh, try all the dishes on Salem's menu!
Develop my self-confident, especially when it comes to public speaking. Man, do I suck at it.
I wish I could travel for maybe 2 weeks after graduation, sunbathing by the Atlantic beach, although it might not be the best beach there is, then head to the Pacific for, this I could say for sure, the most beautiful beaches and sunsets and weather ever.
Meet new people.
Improve my interpersonal and communication skills. Technology somehow dampens me.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

first day of class. my last Fall semester!

and I still have not definitely decided on how I want my schedule to be.
It's now 1:55 pm. I've been home since 10 am.
I am waitlisted on position 4 for Neurochemical Basis of Behavior, a Neuro elective, and for that reason, I signed up for another class, you know, just in case. It's Neurobiology of Aging, which I attended at 9 am earlier of the day. And turns out, I kind of like it too! You see I am only required to take 2 electives for my major. I am reserving another spot for Functional Organization of the Nervous System which I plan to take on next semester, because it is also an interesting course- you get to learn about diseases of the nervous system intensively! I'll have to wait and see if I could get in the Behavior class this evening. If I could, it's going to be a very tough decision between the two for this semester.
Also, I want to retake Human Phys but only with Dr Sved because I mean come on he is the man. But it clashes with one Econ elective; Money and Banking. I am going for Econ minor, and also required to take two Econ electives. So, because of the conflict of time, I am currently enrolled for two Econ electives; Game Theory Principles is another. Now, my Microeconomics professor (which I am certainly taking this semester), is teaching Money and Banking, the one that clashes with Human Physiology, too. I read the reviews and they said she's pretty good, which is good... right? But Money and Banking is offered every term though, but is not going to be taught by this same professor.
The reviews for the professor of Game Theory Principles are somewhat mixed. Now, would it worth the risk of letting go of the class taught by a decently-reviewed which clashes with Human Physiology I am dying to retake and actually retaking it while proceeding with Game Theory Principles taught by a widely-ranged-reviewed professor, mostly bad, on his way of teaching?
I frankly currently do not have a definite answer.
I am just going to have to give this first week a try and will decide by this weekend.
It is not easy when you're not doing well in your field but actually extremely loving it.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

diy time

I watch random videos, and those include DIY abayas, kaftan, skirts videos.
As a constantly broke individual who happens to be a student and now starting to love to shop for clothes especially those from fast fashion companies and most of the time overly priced modest fashion websites, I thought I could probably make this diy thing my new hobby.
I hope it would work out and I could actually wear them abayas if I feel like to, and I hope for a cheaper price. Would first have to get a mini sewing machine, scissors, and measuring tape. And a visit to fabric store.
I hope this dream of me having a new hobby would be real.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Little meaningful thing

I've been breaking fast at the Islamic Center since the second week of Ramadan, which was last week because we are pretty efficient ladies at avoiding to cook. No cooking-> no need to buy grocery-> less spending-> more money this month. Berkat dan rezeki bulan puasa.

On our way to the Islamic Center yesterday, we got off at this stop in front of a supermarket. Then this one black guy approached us and took out his just-bought bananas from the supermarket (I'm assuming they are organic) and gave them one for each of us. Aw. Terharu betul. Then he boarded the bus. 

And the fact that earlier of the day while I was doing my laundry, I gave $1 to a guy who said he needed it, and later get greater in return later on the same day, damn. Just $1! I don't usually give change had anyone asked for some, but I just happened to have extra changes and I figured it's Ramadan so why not plus it's just a dollar, that figuration, if the word even exists and I used it right, really rewarded me back with a great return. 

Besar ok pisang dia bagi ni. Kenyang makan buat buka puasa.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Ramadan 1438 H

It is summer. I am taking Biochemistry class for this first 6-week session. God I love my professor she is super great at presenting the materials!

So after I spent my 10 days in Cairo and Alexandria, I visited Istanbul for 3 days with Cek Nab. This decision of spending my 2 weeks was one of the best decisions I have ever made! After the scam I got into on the first day at the Great Pyramid, I thought I'd want to just spend time in the hostel I stayed in for the next 9 days in Egypt. Glad I wasn't completely stupid to do that. Thanks to Izzati and Fatin, or shall I address them as Drs. Izzati and Fatin, and Drs. Farihah and housemates for the great accommodation and hospitality while I was there, I got to spend the rest of my 9 days less being scammed/lied/left confused with the language I had little fluency in even in formal Arabic, let alone in Egyptian dialect. I survived with their help, and learnt few basic words too; the best part of the trip. I hope I won't forget the experience I gained because I am telling you I am so lazy to write them down right now.
Good luck on that dear brain.
I was so determined to write a long and dense entry earlier but now mehh.

The sole purpose I logged on to blogger was to tell the world how lonely I feel right now as everyone goes back to Malaysia and here I am alone spending time learning and appreciating the great and minute details of amino acids and protein folding mis-folding. God is great. Even the little tiny structures are planned, invented, and created to the minute perfectly detailed ones that people have been spending like forever on studying them. Subhanallah.

And Istanbul. Go visit Istanbul. Very historical. Love.

Ramadan Kareem.

Thursday, April 19, 2018


sometimes I'm just simply impressed by how my neuronal synapses make connections to develop this thought for writing. I guess at the end all praises go to Allah the Almighty.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Cooked and Served the residents of Pitt's Family House

I just finished my midterms for all of my courses taken this semester. Now I am left with 5 finals and 1 research paper. Synaptic Transmission and Functional Neuroanatomy are serving me real good but still hoping to hit that solid A grade tho. I hope finals can serve the purpose. Plus Dr. Meriney is offering extra 1% if 85-90% of the class take that OMET survey. I mean, it's a 1% kot!! Could get you from B+ to an A-!!

These past two weeks have been quite hellish.
It makes me realize how as a Muslim, or human being in general, greatly our iman boleh bertambah berkurang. My real struggle is Fajr prayer. Especially when recently I go to bed past 3 am and usually wake up when it's almost noon. Bad, I know. Still improving myself and working on it. Not easy, especially during this time when finals are coming.

Anyway, today I volunteered to cook and serve the residents of Family House.
I made hash brown. I've never made/seen those unshaped ones. I thought it's gonna easy like simple putting them onto the pan and flip flip done. But they got us the diced ones. Made three batches in an hour! Total failure! Lol. Masak sambal nasi lemak senang lagi.
Well, as long as the residents are happy. And I'm going to OSU for their MASA tonight. Then, I signed up for go-karting tomorrow! I tidied up my room last night, now it's wayyyyyy better than when it was two weeks previously. Pretty productive weekend I would say. But still have one-month of laundry to be done. Will find time for that, maybe Monday.

Photo by Hailey.