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Sunday, February 28, 2021

List of people's kindnesses towards me (pinned post, at least until February 28, 2021)

I become more appreciative so I decided to make a list of people's kindnesses towards me, as far as I could remember. As time flies, I will try to come back to this post and update the list. Why I decided to make this list? So that whenever I were to be in hard times or maybe when I have that 'not everyone is kind do not believe anyone' particular moment life principle comes across my mind, I could read this list back and be like, "No kid. You are wrong. This world is still full of positive kind amazing people. It just that you forgot you have once encountered them. Might they be the people around you every single second or just somebody you thought to be nobody you found on the street."

1. I still remember how our seniors treated us super nicely when we first arrived here. Imagine a more-than-a-day flight from Kuala Lumpur to San Jose. No joke man. Super tiring. Super hungry. And they fed us with Ayam masak (ok i forgot. Will try to come back to this) and ikan bilis and nasi putih!!! They even offered to tumpangkan our luggages and stuffs at their place so that it would be easier for us to move into our new house straight after we finished classes, although we refused at first (budak-budak baru nak up memang bajet bagus mcm ni la). On our first day at Ohlone, they even bought us Pringles Sour and Cream from the cafe and bottles of mineral water each for ten of us their juniors. And Arifah who guided me to my first class at Ohlone down the hill. And Arifah even offered to help us bought the comforters, pillows, whatnot for our first night at apartment we just moved into. Kak Piki and Ain who took the bus with us to Walmart together to get all other stuffs: periuk kuali, pinggan mangkuk, sudu garfu, tuala, baldi, selimut, etc. Shoutout to super Ohlone seniors: Eisqil, Alyn, Faizul, Kak Piki, Arifah, Kak Zaza, Azlina, Aina, Iman, dan Ain.

2. Kak Niza and Abang Wan invited us over to their home for buka puasa together. Kak Niza cooked us Mi Hailam, Ayam Masak Merah untuk Nasi Tomato, kari daging, acar. Love.

3. Aunty Ninie cooked us Ayam Masak Merah and (i forgot, again) recently for our buka. Thank you.

4. When the leasing center I am currently residing wanted fumigate our house, they politely asked us to move out to hotel they have arranged for us. Ok. We got to Marriot, with an open bar at the lobby. Screw the leasing management, but A BIG THANK YOU to Mirza Haikarl and Syahmi Izzat for bearing with us at the Marriot's lobby for the whole afternoon. They guys helped to drive Asiah, Elisha, and Fatin to the hotel right after class at 3, then decided to wait for that management people who promised to either call back the lobby or directly come and settle the issue down till 6 pm. And the leasing center was closed we couldn't reach them people of leasing center f. Called our seniors, again, to help us out. And again these two guys who stayed with us for hourssssss willed to drive us, again, to the new place. A big thank you!!! Not to forget to Rahmat Zaki too.

5. Today is July 3 2016. So on Thursday we wanted to have Nasi Arab at East Bay Islamic Center iinm, but we arrived at 9.30 pm when all the food was finished. When we arrived, I went to this one beautiful lady and "Is there any food left?" and she went "No dear. All finished." But then she walked to a group of makciks having their meal at a table. A few moments later, another both innerly and out beautiful lady came with a butter container. "Here I have some pasta for you three. You can have some. Here!" so eagerly they served us three. They even added some kind of rolls, chickens, and roti in our plates. "If you need more, come and get this extra pasta."  Love.

Thursday, April 19, 2018


sometimes I'm just simply impressed by how my neuronal synapses make connections to develop this thought for writing. I guess at the end all praises go to Allah the Almighty.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Cooked and Served the residents of Pitt's Family House

I just finished my midterms for all of my courses taken this semester. Now I am left with 5 finals and 1 research paper. Synaptic Transmission and Functional Neuroanatomy are serving me real good but still hoping to hit that solid A grade tho. I hope finals can serve the purpose. Plus Dr. Meriney is offering extra 1% if 85-90% of the class take that OMET survey. I mean, it's a 1% kot!! Could get you from B+ to an A-!!

These past two weeks have been quite hellish.
It makes me realize how as a Muslim, or human being in general, greatly our iman boleh bertambah berkurang. My real struggle is Fajr prayer. Especially when recently I go to bed past 3 am and usually wake up when it's almost noon. Bad, I know. Still improving myself and working on it. Not easy, especially during this time when finals are coming.

Anyway, today I volunteered to cook and serve the residents of Family House.
I made hash brown. I've never made/seen those unshaped ones. I thought it's gonna easy like simple putting them onto the pan and flip flip done. But they got us the diced ones. Made three batches in an hour! Total failure! Lol. Masak sambal nasi lemak senang lagi.
Well, as long as the residents are happy. And I'm going to OSU for their MASA tonight. Then, I signed up for go-karting tomorrow! I tidied up my room last night, now it's wayyyyyy better than when it was two weeks previously. Pretty productive weekend I would say. But still have one-month of laundry to be done. Will find time for that, maybe Monday.

Photo by Hailey. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Even after you took my one hour away

Today, one day after Daylight Saving ends, the clock goes one hour back again.
And we lost that precious hour! And imagine adjusting your circadian rhythm after a week of break, having to attend a 9-am class?!

Screw Daylight Savings!
Today is a great start to the season I hope!
I didn't skip my 9-am, I got my questions about academic planning and requirements answered, I walked back home all the way from campus and that's 2.4 miles, I took out trashes from both houses, I cooked, I printed all the handouts up on courseweb, I read my required readings (although not done yet but hey talk about progress), I registered for 2 volunteering activities; one tomorrow and another one in early April, andd after 2 semesters applying for jobs I finally received ONE reply today as Student Worker in this one lung disease lab! Can't wait!
Ah for capstone experience, I've asked this one faculty member and she's more than happy to have me in her lab, but the training won't be until September, and it's an olfactory lab! All good smelling stuff in the lab! But I still have to keep looking. I am interested particularly in the labs studying the diseases/treatments, that's why.
And, still waiting for my Ochem 2 score..........

Thursday, March 8, 2018

grown ups problems

it's break again! spring break is what it is, this time shorter one, only one week but still a much needed break from the bustle and hustle of classes and all. And... I am a year away from graduating inshaAllah. So excited but I have started to ask myself, 'What next?' Would love to go to grad school, means gotta have if not high a good gpa which i doubt i have rn? it sucks being stupid.

i'm only 21 and i've got no one man.
don't get me wrong i'm soooo blessed to have both my parents still alive and my brother and sisters, aunts, uncles, and cousins. i just hope that i'm able to spend more time with them after being away from home since i was 13. yknow, sort of compensating for the time wasted before? i wanna be close to my siblings, but after this it's their turn to be away from home, by i hope it won't be a cycle. a flow would suffice. investment for a better generation really requires lots of money, time, and energy i presume.

it's just that people are on different paths now. friends? lol. do i even have one?

suddenly called me for their problems and all pastu end up cakap, i don't think we're close friend enough. mampus
everyone is struggling. i don't even have interest to complete by mandatory readings to pass a class let alone to commit to other people's constant life problems.

and i complain about not having friends.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

On Tetanus and Botulism

On our way back from having ayam goreng, Ummu dropped the Pepsi can and it dented. Keep in my that I really didn't know at that time (on CNY weekend) why that 'don't consume if the can is dented' exists.
BUT,, as i'm now studying for my synaptic transmission exam tomorrow, apparently the disease mechanism of tetanus and botulism helps established the currently hold hypothesis of Vesicular Theory of Release!
If you consumed the food in dented can, you can get Botulism from the toxin from botulinum toxin. So far, we know Bot A up to G. They just discovered a new one; Bot H. But worry you not, this disease is veeeeery rare.
How the disease works is the bacterium will interrupt with the proteins believed to be crucial for regulating the neurotransmitter vesicle fusion for release. Those proteins are VAMP, SNAP-25, and syntaxin. These three proteins form a Core complex or SNARE proteins, which are believed to be formed during Docking stage. There are 6 stages of the Vesicular Theory of Release; Transport, Targeting, Tethering, Docking, Priming, and Fusion. If you can't dock the vesicle, how are you gonna allow for release right?
These botulinum toxins, as the experiment showed, cleaved the three proteins which are supposed to be bound to each other, interrupting the whole cascade.
So yeah. Turned out I just had a casual conversation with Ummu, before she went to sleep, about Botulism and Tetanus. I go, "Ummu ingat tak yang aku tanya boleh consume tak pepsi tu kalau kemik sebab jatuh? Ha ini jawapannya."

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Please don't waste your food...

So today I volunteered for 3 hours for Food Waste Audit at Market Central, more like Dewan Selera at MRSM. What I basically have to do was separate the students' leftover into two bins: non-edible like banana peels, bones, orange peels, etc. and edible, like literally edible food eg rice, chicken, tortilla, wraps, burgers, cereal, pasta, etc. Okay. And as time progressed, we saw that maaaaaany steaks, most of the were barely touched, some were cut into half and never eaten, being thrown away. The coordinator decided to add another bin, only for steaks. Boy you have no idea how geraaam we the ones behind the trays were.. like they barely touched the meats and pasta and simply throw them away. Desserts: brownies, candies, cookies, etc. as today is Valentine's were also untouched and simply thrown away.
12 hours operating and total food waste accumulated was ~500 pounds=250 kgs!!!! And the coordinator added, it may go up to ~1000 pounds per day, in Market Central ONLY!!!
And that's only from one eat place from one community (only students!) in 12 hours! Imagine if the whole city shows the same food waste pattern!!! You should see those sad-looking platefuls of rices and steaks+pastas+shrimps simply being thrown away! (yes i realized I've been repeating this few times already)
Imagine the labor it takes to produce that one piece of steak, from herding to slaughtering to pounding to packaging to cooking to serving to being thrown away. Sad.
Imagine how many people we could feed with those food. Hunger, I hope, would be gone. Kids would be nourished.

Just, please, do not ever waste your food. Take what you need ONLY! Take small portions at a time if you know you won't finish it in one go. I mean, let's not talk about food waste management just yet...