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Monday, August 29, 2016

A day before Fall 2017 starts

The current time shows Sun 23:44 on my desktop.
Yes, it is school time!!!! Tomorrow is going to be the first day of Fall semester, marks a year (well not really because I arrived here in Fremont on Aug 31 so yes got a few more days to spare) me being an immigrant, nicer words: International student, here in California. 
I am excited but super nervous at the same time because honestly my semester is going to be super hectic I know it will.
I am taking Biology (they said it's more to AP Biology but meh like I took it), Introduction to Physics which I expect to be at least easier than other classes I am taking because they said it's more like SPM punya Fizik, Organic Chemistry and I am determined I am going to study like real study this semester no more wasting time on mobile phone and youtube no more like previous semesters especially in Summer, oh and Spring as well. Another class is English Introduction to Literature, and it is an online class, quiet nervous tho because I have not been reading and writing since last summer because man I took General Chemistry and Calculus 2 ain't nobody got no time for some 'light readings'. 

As it is the last day of leisure for Summer 2016, I fulfilled my craving I cooked nasi lemak very early in the morning because yes I wanted to eat it sssooooooo much. This time I let the sambal on stove for almost 2 hours because yknow I wanted the perfect sambal before semester starts. Well I do not see the connection explicitly. But yes honestly the sambal was the one I have been wanting for since forever because the previous sambals, I made them just ala kadar cincai but this time, it was different! I put extra effort on it ok! AhHhhhhhhh nak nasi kandaq.

Then I went to Half Price Book Store to return one of the books that I bought because I didn't need it anymore. I spent my time reading few pages of The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell in Religious/Christian section, just because in that section only they provided a chair so I grabbed the opportunity before anyone else did to sit on the chair and read peacefully in the store~
Then when I was watching a new video by Fathia Izzati about the transport system in Jakarta, there was a man looking for some books (obviously) on the shelves but I didn't move because he didn't seem to look through the one shelf behind me, until he really did. Lol I then moved my chair a bit leaving him some spaces. 
He greeted me,  "I am just looking for a new Bible because mine is torn up," and I went "Oh sure," pasting a smile there. 
Feeling a bit of awkwardness there, I asked some basic questions about Christianity, (just trying to be nice), "Are there many books (like Joshua, Samuel) of Bible?" so numb I know.
He got serious, "There are actually Old and New Testament, like this one I am holding, is an Old Testament." He explained some more but don't remember la dah tua.... (what even)
Then, he went, "I have to carefully look at the contents of the book (the Testament). Like this one (the Testament), has both Old and New Testaments, and here is the list of books (like Joshua, Samuel). Most Catholic books (the Testament) like this one still remain original, but the regular Christians aren't. They take out some contents, like about purgatory, it was removed from the book. sigh. We just have and need to pray. (he basically saying there's no much left for him to do that he at the very least could only pray that he is guided and still on the right path)"

You know what, I honestly did not tell you the whole conversation, because I forgot. But I hope you get the points here.

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