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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Please don't waste your food...

So today I volunteered for 3 hours for Food Waste Audit at Market Central, more like Dewan Selera at MRSM. What I basically have to do was separate the students' leftover into two bins: non-edible like banana peels, bones, orange peels, etc. and edible, like literally edible food eg rice, chicken, tortilla, wraps, burgers, cereal, pasta, etc. Okay. And as time progressed, we saw that maaaaaany steaks, most of the were barely touched, some were cut into half and never eaten, being thrown away. The coordinator decided to add another bin, only for steaks. Boy you have no idea how geraaam we the ones behind the trays were.. like they barely touched the meats and pasta and simply throw them away. Desserts: brownies, candies, cookies, etc. as today is Valentine's were also untouched and simply thrown away.
12 hours operating and total food waste accumulated was ~500 pounds=250 kgs!!!! And the coordinator added, it may go up to ~1000 pounds per day, in Market Central ONLY!!!
And that's only from one eat place from one community (only students!) in 12 hours! Imagine if the whole city shows the same food waste pattern!!! You should see those sad-looking platefuls of rices and steaks+pastas+shrimps simply being thrown away! (yes i realized I've been repeating this few times already)
Imagine the labor it takes to produce that one piece of steak, from herding to slaughtering to pounding to packaging to cooking to serving to being thrown away. Sad.
Imagine how many people we could feed with those food. Hunger, I hope, would be gone. Kids would be nourished.

Just, please, do not ever waste your food. Take what you need ONLY! Take small portions at a time if you know you won't finish it in one go. I mean, let's not talk about food waste management just yet...


  1. Banyaaaak gila wastage. Why don't they just offered to other people.

    1. For this purpose depa nak audit the waste first, tengok which food people don't like and stop serving them so that pembaziran kurang later on? anyway, the wastage weight was from the food was already on their plates, one step closer to be eaten already. If it was me, I wouldn't want to serve the 'untouched leftovers' to those in needs anyway. But it would be another story for the untouched food served behind the counter... I guess?