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Monday, February 11, 2013


Dengarnya Chong dapat beribu-ribu ringgit angpau untuk CNY? Wowwww.

Selesai. We've gone through last 3 years throughout the days and nights. The mission was accomplished : Penilaian Menengah Rendah (PMR) of 2012. We've made every single human proud of us... but some of them didn't. We've just left the memories away away away far away from us yet we're wishing them for coming back and wishing to having that moments again. We wish for it. Badly. Yet kita tahu masa tak boleh berpatah balik lol you realize it ha ha. We all do realize it. But...okay frankly speaking, I don't know where to start, I've lotta things to be said yet I don't know how to express them but never mind.... I will try.

Jillul Imtiyaz. 

You might be not knowing what the hell it is... no! Sepatutnya "You might be not knowing what the hell it was" K I shouldn't wujudkan mood sedih here or I just didn't? Kwaja.

Jillul Imtiyaz itulah nama angkatan saya. (I'll use 'saya' as it shows how arrogant am I) At the first appearance, my angkatan's name was Ruhul Qudus but it was changed due to kesilapan Daniel Khoo sendiri as a president yang tak mengkaji dulu apa itu Ruhul Qudus apa lah haha. 

Ini Daniel Khoo.
And the new name is Jillul Imtiyaz lah pastinya kan. And the name remains till last 8th of Feb as we had to berpisah. Okay tak sedih pun. 

We met. We studied. We learned. We did crimes together. We took our bathes, together. We prayed together. We slept in classes, always, together. We copied each other in examination, together. We 'jaga line kawan batch' when it was roll call tho we knew that 'kawan batch' do bersalah in that case. Kisah pula dosa pahala terus terang jaga line.Yang penting batch sendiri punya nama bersih. We gossiped about the seniors and juniors at night before going to sleep, every night. We sang along tho we knew how bad our voices were. Were! Attention! Were! We kutuk-ed akak DS every time she served the food to us during supper plus she likes Wan Aiman hey how could she Wan Aiman is Ezzati's doh. We stayed up at nights during the holidays and went crazy, together. Whenever there's any activities held by BWPs or LDPs or BADAs or teachers we did disobey their orders. Tapi semua tu dah jadi kenangan dah sekarang. (To be frank I don't know how to make people sad or to be jiwang seriously I don't know so when I ask you to cry you just cry okayyyy) 

Could you feel the chaos?
We started with 150+ till the 3rd year we got only 119. Where's the other 30 people? Why did they leave us? Itu semua rahsia Allah. Allah arranged it well. Allah planned it well. Sebagai hamba, pasrah tapi bukan berserah itu sahaja yang termampu.

Dan sekarang, the people are getting fewer and fewer. The other 21 people have to move out leaving the college. Leaving that Jillul Imtiyaz. Dalam keterpaksaan, atau dalam kerelaan? (cry now people cry!) Rezeki sudah ditetapkan. Pena sudah diangkat. Dakwat telahpun kering. Di Lauh Mahfuz ada semua takdir. Dan memang it's our fate to be separated kan after 3 years we've known each other in and out up and down. (cry people!) 

Yes I have to move out too. Yes I have to leave that Jillul Imtiyaz too. Damn bohong lah sial kalau aku cakap aku tak sedih. In fact I tried to went back to my blok asrama early as the majlis at the hall ended last Friday bcs I don't wanna you, you, you, my beloved friends to cry plus I had promised myself to not cry in the public. I forced out my bapak to fetch me up at exact 11 am so I wouldn't meet with people staying at Beseri. So that I didn't have to hug Cikgu Farzlina and make her cry. Huh. I am sobbing right now. You!!! Cry now! After making sure all my stuffs were done transferred from my room to the wakaf where I waited for my bapak, I made a fast move leaving that Beseri but as I got into the car I saw Cikgu Farzlina damn I had to meet her she's my homeroom teacher she was the one who never let me down. She was the one never failed to treat usthe budak-homeroom-tak-tahu-malu with the nasi ayam kafe every week when it's homeroom time on Mondays' evening! She's a great super kebal warden. She loves us so much. I could see it through her eyes when she cried when she hugged me ha ha I could see I could feel it. She said, "I used to lose my 8 anak homeroom as they had to pindah to PKP but it wasn't as this hard to let the only two of you - me and Syamin, go" 

She's in the maroon shirt.
I just can't proceed. Bye.

Cuma, aku takkan lupa Beseri. Aku takkan lupa Jillul Imtiyaz insyaAllah.

Ketawa bersama. Menangis bersama. Ku bersumpah harap kita mati pun bersama.

Some of you might not get what have I written down. Just read it. And let what have you read out of your mind.

The credit goes to Marwan for those 3 pictures, ohhh 4.

He is One.