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Monday, January 8, 2018

winter break 2017

it's 2.39 am, Jan 8 2018.
Spring semester starts tomorrow. This semester I have one class only on Monday at 9-9.50 that's it then I'm done!!! anyway, it's almost 3 and i haven't been asleep. i guess i'll stay awake all night then.

this break gotta be the most unproductive of me in terms of travelling?... i guess...
bcos i didn't go anywhere. first of all it's the weather freaking cold. second, i wanted to just chill (like literally) at home, and that was achieved. i did finish How I Met Your Mother, Grey's Anatomy, Planet Earth though. third, my fall sem was not great at all so I thought maybe staying at home would be a nice little 'punishment'.

went to meet the adviser and man right after i didnt think i would have any time to spend for travelling until i graduate at all. have to get involved in research labs for 2 semesters in order to make the credits count and guess what yes i only have 2 semesters left too because i'm not extending. i prefer it that way; cramming my semesters and done rather than being leisure and end up with the same results as those crammed ones.

i look forward to spending my summer break (probably 2 weeks because i'll be taking summer classes for every session there is) in west coast!!! I'm craving for grilled turkey sandwich and buffalo wings from Ohlone Deli, burger for Mirchi, bubble tea from Sharetea, calamari with lots of pepper and salt from Teacup if i'm not mistaken, honey garlic chicken wings from Halal Wings Plus, combo platter from The Halal Guys although i can just literally get it from anywhere already, Foodmaxx ah bring me back to Fremont already.

I have a 5-year moments notebook which i aspire to fill w/out any miss this year until 2024.

can't wait to graduate! and visit Tokyo for Olympics 2020! the opening ceremony will be on my birthday!

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