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Monday, February 27, 2017

It's ok to have a dream

Watching all these good dramas and movies makes me compare them to the ones local-made.
Why can't we make ones like those?
Quality over quantity.
Can we have dramas and movies with content? The ones that trace back to our root, history, for the sake of our future generation? Or, if want to make them fun, refer back to the tales we were once told as kids, and include the morals with them.
Improve on the contents first.
Then, move on to the cinematography, editing, OSTs.
We need that.

Up to a point where I dream of producing dramas/films on my own.
With amazing cinematography, OSTs, storyline, all.
Well, it is good to have a dream.

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  1. Hi shida. Bila nak update new post? Heheheh aku baca je sebab sometimes baca blog lagi memahami dari conversation hehe.