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Sunday, January 29, 2017

"Are you safe?"

So it is official. Trump has ordered major Muslim ban throughout the US, listing out specifically 7 states to be detained from entering this country.
Bad. Bad Trump.

My mom's reaction, "Are you safe there Kakak? Are Trump supporters there in Fremont?"

I found it hard to present the arguments to say that, "I'll be fine. Californians, specifically people in Bay Area are not racist. We belong here. Everyone belongs here, to this land," not because I stand with those yang melayu panggil kafir, but watch those people who have been outside the airports in major cities protesting him Trump. Aren't you touched? Those non-Muslims, they are such lovely people who fight for our right. They are not related to us Muslims, yet they fight the cold to show how they reject the hatred spread by that man.

My point being, don't worry. Americans, as you might have heard, are quite civilized. They have sense. Sometimes too much sense. They sometimes care too much. Love strangers randomly. Even when sometimes I feel like I don't belong, they assure that I would be just fine.

When I said out my worries, "What if a man suddenly shoots me when I was walking home back from class at night just because I wear the scarf?", they console me, "Shh don't say that. Nobody's gonna hurt you. You'll be fine," and yes I felt much better after that.

The thing here in Bay Area, it is hard for you to find racism. I assure you. Compared to other parts of the US. Why you say? Well maybe because they are more developed than most parts of the country, they have maaaany top schools and universities here, which I believe explains the most part of it.

Here everyone from all parts of the world comes together, sits next to each other in a class. Where you ask? Hm. Pakistan got, China got, Taiwan got, Philippines got, Japan got, Mexico got, Malaysia also got, India? many many many got. Whites too. Blacks. And they have accustomed to the world of different skin colors, sizes and heights, accents. They understand it well. They have gone through the phase I am going through right now. Their parents have. Or maybe their grandparents. Or their great grandparents. Too many generations passed that they don't call Pakistan or China or India or Japan or Philippines their home anymore. Their home is here. In the US.

Until comes one man spreading the hatred. Now everyone is back in fear.

But I tell you, inshAllah I'll be safe.

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