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Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Today is the first lab for Ochem.
We checked in the lockers.
The professor warned us about lab safety;
Wear goggle sealed to the face, wear running shoes or else imagine having chemicals spills down to your feet then splashes up to your face? We are not going to use Bunsen burner. At all. Because all the chemicals are highly flammable. Make sure the gas is off all the time, or else you know we might have to see God together.
After a while,
Oh guys another thing. Beware of little snakes, tarantula, and (I forgot another one), especially behind the blanket. They are big!
Made me think, am I going to survive the semester?

Oh, my finals are basically gonna be Physics, Biology, and followed by OChem, three days consecutively. I'll be fine. Pray for me.

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