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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

3 more goddamn weeks

So yesterday (Monday) I had a Calculus II exam on Chapter 7, basically a whole chapter of Integration.
I studied (almost) the whole Sunday, a day before, because on the previous exam, I got an effing C so man gotta have to fix it before it's too late aite.
Not only on Sunday, I forced myself to put another last minute effort before the exam started at 5 pm. I did the whole Practice exam and studies two sections left, of which I did not study on Sunday.
And I fasted on Monday. Had a glass of water for sahur. Or maybe not a whole glass. Idk.

Before the exam even started, I'd been telling myself, "Right after the class imma hit my bed once i reached home" and I did.
Once I finished the exam, the headache was becoming even real. I went out for Asr, then I napped for maybe 5-10 minutes, under the sun, because I usually pray at this one spot; at the back of a classroom with a small towel as my prayer mat. Because I was totally mentally exhausted, I decided to nap like effing nap under the sun on the jalan tar. I even went into the class back late (lecture started back at 6.45 pm after the exam period was done) because I woke up sharp at 6.45 pm. Took only 2 minutes or less walking back from the praying spot to the classroom anyway.

I held myself for another an hour lecture on new topic. "Sokayh girl you can do this" I kept telling myself.

Then the pain was real once I was in bus on my way home.
Nausea. Headache. Fasting. No joke man.
And I really decided to effing straight go to bed once I buka.
And I did. I buka with a glass of water (maybe not even a glass) and slept, hoping I could wake latest at 3.00 am, because I slept at 8.40-ish pm right.

And yes I did actually. But was too lazy to move my ass up I wanted to fast again today and I sahur with a glass of water (well again I think it was only one forth of the glass) at 4.00 am kot. Oh, and it was because I tersedar at 3 am and kept terjaga at 4, 5, 6, 6.30. camtu la.

And I proceeded by third day without nasi! And barely any food.
Because I can.

Don't worry. I ate bulk of rice and fish fillet and eggs for buka today. And I feel better, reenergized today.

Okay. Let's study for Chemistry exam on Monday!
Oh. And I got quiz also tomorrow.

I curse a lot watching Jenna Marbles and Pewdiepie.
and Daphne Iking's vlogs too.

3 more weeks before these alllll endddd

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