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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

wearing scarf kan?

So I am in library killing my time rn.
Nah.. I got chem quiz this afternoon and haven't studied to imma do it after I publish this lah.

So it's 1.15 pm.
Zuhur was 1.08 pm.
And there was Adhan from one of the Muslim's phone (obviously) amongst us.
And I was the only one obvious Muslim (because I wear scarf) in the room.
So everyone was looking at me with incomprehensible stares....
I was like "hey ne de bukan phone aku aku tgah tgok itsjudyslife la"
and turned out it was from a woman's phone, Middle Eastern kot...

sebenarnya ramai je Muslim sini cuma tak tutup kepala je.
pernah dalam washroom when I was washing my feet for wudhu in the sink and a lady was with me (not covering her head),
and I went "I'm sorry for this btw"
"nvm. you want to pray. I understand. I am a Muslim too"

hey have you watched the video of Faizal Tahir singing Assalamualaikum at one of Syrian kid refugees' school?
go watch it and get ready to cry!

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