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Thursday, April 21, 2016

I don't wanna end it but i actually do!!!

I love this semester more than last one but i want to end this soon.
I love this semester more because i got to actually TALK to my classmates.
yang sem lepas mcm apa je semua sombong.
sem ni mungkin sebab kelas2 yang aku ambil banyak yang umur belasan tahun so semua satu geng dan sama generasi so leh masuk.
harapnya generasi yang sama juga untuk kelas2 semester depan.

and yes Professor Symmank!
I love her so bad!!! She is amazing! She cares of her students! She is always there to help us!
She gives lotsa extra credits! She grades easily! She is like a mother! She used to be late to class because she had to 'play cab' with her kids but it's fine coz she is fine! lol mende aku lalutkan ni.

can I have the same teacher for GenChem2 this summer? (i obviously knew the answer: NO!)

oh ya. classmates don't want to feel left behind and feel like the ignorant ones they wanna learn Malay also lol.

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