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Tuesday, April 12, 2016


I'm not born into a luxurious living family but still alhamdulillah I have been taught on how to act both posh and moderate at the sane time.
My mom would go "Makan elok2 sikit pls jangan bunyi pelik2" 
And "Macam ni ha cara betul pegang kutleri" 
Even my dad "Jangan hentak pinggan tu dengan sudu. Takleh bawa majlis" and "Kalau makan nasi, suap sejemput nasi tanpa lauk then baru cedok lauk satu per satu".
Dan paling pentinggggg "Makan tutup mulut! Jangan bunyi cup cap cup cap"

And the cup cap cup cap one has become my greatest pantang among all pantangs ever existed on Earth.
I could go like cacing kepanasan if I've ever to accidentally (or by choice) be sitting in the same table of this kind of person sbb sangatt laaaa omg i know you could tell how does it feel like. A but exaggerated but feeling like to tampar his/her mulut but that would be rude (that's why I said a bit exaggerated)
Maybe it's my way of giving advices; kepimpinan melalui tauladan, tak sampai hati nak tegur cara makan orang but if I was ever in that situation, I would take a biiiiiiggg bitee of food anddd with that big mouth of mine, I'd chew the food, mouth closed, cheeks enlarge, producing no sound! Lol now I'm the one acting gross.

I mean, we don't need to come from rich family to practice this etiquette. It's common sense. And after all I believe it's sunnah.
I can tolerate those who put their elbows on the table. Don't tell me you don't know these stuffs. What? You slept all time during Kemahiran Hidup class ha? 

The other kind of person sendawa sebelah orang, em em no no too.

Lagi satu pantang besar, orang keluar bilik tak tutup pintu. 😭😭😭😭

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