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Sunday, January 3, 2016

New Year 2016

We celebrated New Year in San Francisco, only for the fireworks! huhu

When it is New Year in a major city with lotsa attraction, I doubt you can't imagine how the situation is.

Everything was in control before the fireworks started, until it finished 15 minutes passed 12 am.

Tell you what, THE CROWDS WERE CRAZYYYY! TOTALLY PACKED! SEA OF HUMANS (lol literally translated: lautan manusia).
I was like, 'People, go back home and feed your children/parents. Let us, the students, have fun tonight!'
I was somewhere near the Bay Bridge, few doors before the Piers. omg it was so cold! tapi dak2 Cañada punya rumah wayyyyy colder! Dalam rumah pun keluar asap. And I dislike coldness. It makes your brain/limbs/body numb tau.

1. We went to SF by BART to Embarcadero Station as it was New Year and no other stations than that one will BART stop to drop people off, and because it was the nearest to the major spots for fireworks. RAMAI GILA MANUSIA DALAM BART. Keluar je dari station, tergagau2 Google Maps  location dak2 Cañada as they had our burgers. Dalam ketergagauan tu, I saw a gay couple walking towards us. I was about to tell the housemates who were ahead of me until suddenly the couple and their friends looked at us and, 'Y'all terrorists yo (making bomb sound)' and made us totally speechless. Tergamam sangat kau tahu. It was my first time in 5 months period since i've first been here in Bay Area that i've been in such situation which people directly at least calling me terrorist in the public. Looking forward for more -_-
2. Honestly, I've never celebrated New Year before so I didn't know the real situation it would be. On our way from Market to Caltrain, I found orang mabuk lari2 sampai terpeluk Elisha, I mean he ran so fast mcm agin and suddenly crashed Elisha I was like wow what? Mujur tak gaduh.
3. When we were waiting for Asiah sebab once again she couldn't remember the way back to the car, there were like two couples with the men making fuss near the heavy traffic road, hitting each other. We were at the next block. I was like, 'Wow it's real it's happening right in my eyes weh wow' because the hitting led the men to the road tau and was real close to us. Dia lintas je road tu to the block we were at, nah tiba2 datang bertumbuk depan kami, naya pulak. Mujur the fight habis kat tgah jalan je lol. Couldn't really hear what they were fighting for but I could tell at least one of them was drunk. 
4. While we were waiting for Asiah, I saw a Muslim family. I kept looking at them until the husband made eye contact lol and 'Hey girls Assalamualaikum warahmatullah barakatuh. Happy New Year!' (note the long and almost perfect salam)
5. I saw a man pissed no actually I saw him but I heard him pissing. This was when we walked along the road with clubs and people coming out of it drunk, partying. Sumpah serabut hidup depa. 

Aku cakap kat Aifaa, 'Mana lg botol arak aku nak sepak gak' sebab the crowds were kicking and I heard the sound, the kaca sound being kicked tu, 'baru la New Year.'

I wonder, KL tak mcm ni kan?

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