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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

i know lots of people but

"Knowing a lot of people doesn't mean you have a lot of friends🤗" (Anis Norafiqah, 2016)

I couldn't agree more Anis huhu. (no i didn't tell her to quote her pun)

I mean, I know a lot of people but I have been wishing for as many true friends when only few can fit in my list of 'kawan baik'. Since the last 10 years I've been to what like at least 3 schools and enrolled in MADPP (tak termasuk program-program, kem-kem kecemerlangan, agama, jati diri, orang2 yg terjumpa tengah jalan, satu team bola baling, fan club Faizal Tahir whom I hope still remember me because I'm putting on effort of jejak-ing them back)

And yes, whenever I need help or accommodation, I didn't/do not/hopefully will not hesitate to reach out for them. Plus when my friends (I don't think they deserve to be called acquaintance) from MADPP are in almost all over the regions of the US. Whenever I feel like going to Boston, nah call Aina Nadhirah. I doubt she will say no, atas nama kawan. Well I mean she is one of my bestfriends. Azmi pun ada. Azmi ni lagi la. I was his driver back in Ledang kot (wpun sekali dua je).
Or if I feel like going for a vacation in Europe, I can roger my senior from Beseri, Acap. lol walaupun tak rapat before but hey we can try strengthen the bond what ;)
Asiah, my housemate, has relatives too in  London. Dia dah siap ajak pi holiday London dah winter hujung tahun ni.
Or say I were to stuck in Incheon for hours to back home, well, for this time being, I know this one senior from Beseri too who is studying there tho I'm pretty sure he doesn't remember me but hey know what it's worth to try. (lol i feel stupid)

And this was what really happened when we were at Osaka for one stop. Osaka has the best international airport eva. Like it is really conducive. It has prayer room with prayer mats, paip buat wuduk dalam prayer room so that we don't have to get our wuduk from the restroom, and Quran!

So at Osaka, it said we were having an about 10-hour stop before the next flight to LAX. Of course man, it was Japan man. Cannot comprehend a word, a syllable, a letter even. Dreaming to go out of airport and jalan2 ha? We decided to lepak in the prayer room instead. Until a lady with tudung bawal and a headphone on her neck came in.
She was Kak Nabiha, the one we didn't even know until that moment came. Because her next flight back home was also taking some more hours, she offered to take us jalan2 around Osaka. She guided us on the train! Osaka has very nice air! They plant the rice paddy in the town! Bandar yang sangat terancang! How I wish I could go to Japan once again. Kak Nabihah even belanja us makan udon!

Here's the point. Although she didn't even know our existence before meeting us, the title as Malaysian lets us come together.

Daripada kenalan bisa membawa kepada persahabatan dan mungkin percintaan.


and yes. I have friends. Don't worry.

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