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Thursday, November 26, 2015

great today was great!

Due to very low degree of temperature, I am having flu. Meleleh gak hingus masa kelas Math tadi. Tabahkan hati, kataku.
I sat behind Megan in the class. Megan is a very beautiful young American girl that might even turn me into a gay because yes she is tak la gorgeous tau but more to effortlessly cantik.
Can't bear the lelehan no more, I asked some tissues from Megan. She searched for the tissues in her backpack before turning back towards me saying "Sorry I don't have one," and the minute Megan turned back at me without tissues in her hand, a Chinese girl (kot, asalkan Asian) took out the pocket tissue out of her backpack and hand it to me. OMG I was like terharunyaa.

And the lesson continued. Towards the end of the class, Megan went out to the restroom I believe because as soon as she came back into the classroom, she handed me like two folds of toilet paper! I was like, DOUBLE TERHARU KAU TAHU because everyone (yes I consider two people as everyone) is really kind towards me today.
You know if I were Megan, although I really desperately need to go to the restroom, I would probably forget about the person at my back who asked for my tissues in the classroom just now and I doubt I'll get extra tissue paper for that person. Why? Maybe because I am ignorant, selfish, do not really care about people around me but these two girls are not. And even after the Paris attack with Muslim being condemned and Islamophobia everywhere, they choose not to be one of those.

Tau sapa lg buat baik dengan aku?
Kak Ain, Alyn dan Iman huhu they gave me a ride home~~

Well those five people are everyone, I'd say.

Gonna upload pictures and videos at YUNATOUR2015~