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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Be grateful

While I was waiting for bus with Meriam and this one Indian friend (gosh I really can't recall her name), we discussed about our class, what are our current grades, is it possible to pass the class with an A yada yada until about to end the conversation when Meriam went, "hoping for good grade (kot), inshAllah," and that made my Indian friend like (I'll go M for Meriam, D for this Indian friend)

D: What did you say just now? Wasn't it a saying related to Islam or what? (not in provocative way but while smiling, showing excitement k!)
M: Yeap. She knows it. (and pointed to me) (I've already known that Meriam is a Muslim since Eid Haji lagi)
Me: It means God will. (acah cool)
D: I know it. I have Muslim friends too in India. And Meriam you are a Muslim?
M: Yes! Ikr lotta people are shocked when I told them I'm a Muslim. Maybe because I'm not wearing hijab.

and Meriam started to talk about halal food. She says, before the previous Ramadan (iinm) she just ate everything not considering whether it is halal or haram. i wasn't really sure, was it because of da'wa or what. But after previous Ramadan, she leaves everything haram and only eats slaughtered animals je la. She doesn't eat kfc no more but if she over craving on kfc she says she would take the slaughtered chicken meat to kfc for one.

and about halal food, alhamdulillah, seriously tak susah nak cari sangat. Ada je kedai jual daging halal dalam jarak 15-30 minit jalan kaki which is hey dekat k. I was told by Meriam that we can have anything we want at Chinatown in Oakland. Never been there yet. gonna take some time. Lepas final la huhuhhu

and my conversation with D went on in the bus. No Meriam did not get the bus.

D: I know that you have your God the Nabi.

And I was like, wheyey no no we have Allah but Nabi is not our God.

D: Yes I know your God is Allah (like literally Al Lah) but my Muslim friends in India told me that you also have nabi as your God

takkan nak ckp "hell no!" I said, "No, Nabi is the Prophet, like the one who delivers the messages to the people, like Prophet Muhammad."

my point is, be grateful that we in Malaysia have been exposed to Islam since we were not yet fertilized. however (nervous laughter) are we even practicing and seeking for more knowledge about Islam, our own religion? we have our own answer.

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