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Wednesday, October 7, 2015


It is the second month here in the US and Ohlone College. I found my life bit leisure last month as I did not have too much homework to be done. I could just go to classes and come back home and sleep the whole day and go to school back on the next day. Cycle repeated.

Second month being here, I realized it's starting to be a chaotic month. Everyday is due day. I gotta have stuff to turn in everyday. MyWritingLab requires me to frequently do the online activities and take the tests -commas, apostrophe, other punctuations (colon, semi-colon, dash, parenthesis), take quizzes for reading and writing activities. And what makes me more diligent to finish all the tasks earlier? Extra credits will be given for activities done 2 business days before the due day!!! That explains all I guess. I know my instructor is very generous I love her.
Midterm is coming for Sociology. In fact, tomorrow there's gonna be Test for Math Chapter 1. Sokayh gonna study after this I promised because I just woke up from a long nap (lahai long nap) I am sure I can stay all night long for Math.
Yes, Midterm 1 for Sociology in few days and due date for Film Analysis paper. Haven't started anything. I decided to go with 21 Jump Street to analyze in Socialization aspect.
In few days too, Economics online class is gonna start. Yes, more time needed to study. Especially when it is online class. At first you may track me in Economics class but suddenly see an entry updated here haha there's when I loss my focus?

And yes, I join 3 clubs -International Club, Pakistani Club, Business Club- and I'm expecting that I need to spend more on out-of-class time. Sokayh, this gonna make me a better human.

Dah gonna study for Math bye.