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Friday, October 2, 2015

Bahasa Ibunda

For me to start attending English 151B class on the first semester is not goooddd. This gonna take like forever to finish everything in 2 yearsssss.
I even start with Trigonometry for Mathematics instead of Calculus sia. This time it's gonna take really forever. Hoping that I could skip Pre-Cal course for next semester.

(i think should learn how to use keyboard correctly so i won't hurt my fingers, hands, back) random en

Alessandra and Aashni are my deskmate for English class. This is Fundamental of Composition class everybodyyy that's why i am re-learning what Miss Jo has taught in the first two weeks of MADPP, in this whole semester like whatttt yesssss

(i just picked up my Macbook Air at FeDex office) random lagi kan (and currently using it)

and i am studying one Trigonometry chapter that Madam Yuz could teach in less than 2 weeks, for this whole semester!!! what i am wasting my money and time on duhh

takpe ada hikmah.

My English class. See the Murica spirit.

back to Alessandra and Aashni.
they are my deskmate and in my group. we do almost everything together. kot
yesterday we learned this:
word, phrase, clause, paragraph
told ya semua tu dah belajaq masa dengan MISS JOOOO rindunyaa Miss Jooooo

even i know what those things are.
word is word la kan, group of letter makes up word.
words make up phrase, without either subject or verb.
phrases make up clause which is a complete sentence (with subject plus verb).
clauses make up paragraph to essays to books

then came the group activity.

you know what, i malas nak taip dah.
nanti aku buat entry baru la. Bahasa Ibunda Bahagian 2

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