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Monday, September 21, 2015

Golden Gate Bridge we go

Yay got the chance to spend my weekend on the bridge huhu acah saja.

It wasn't a well-planned trip tho. Three of us- Aifaa, Fatin and I- decided to finally go to the bridge on Friday night after having some sorta discussion camtu with Skyline girls. Nak decide gi ke tak pun susah.

Next morning, we woke up at 6.40 ok checked the bus schedule and picked another hour bus ok got more time to cook for bekal (a must!) or else we would be starving to death. Each of us only grabbed a piece of bread for hopefully 5 hours of alas perut before having the bekal which is bubur. Eh no Aifaa didn't have the bread because she was in total mess with her bawal crepe she couldn't see the bread with chocolate spread at the corner of counter. We rushed down for bus which was expected to arrived in 4 minutes huhu seb baik sempat or else we gotta need to wait for another half an hour.

We took bus to BART station, BART (lebih kurang KTM) then to UN Plaza before taking a bus to the bridge. We did have some problems buying the BART tickets biasala sapa  suruh tak study maps betul2 the night before. 
But sokayh we got some help from the deaf bikers. I was realllllyyy impressed with them tau tho they are deaf and we had trouble communicating still they tried their best to help us to get the right route.
How we communicated? Hehe biggest thanks goes to mobile phone with its messaging apps alhamdulillah.

bla bla bla about an hour riding BART tadaa here we arrived in San Francisco at about 9.30. Too early for people here to start a new day on weekend i guess.

Orpheum Theater

We then walked to find the bus stop to Golden Gate Bridge but huhu we missed the bus but sokayh "We'll improvise. Stay positive" we said. 
We got some pictures near the Asian Museum. Told ya it was near the museum but wasn't the museum k.

City Hall

Then only we went to get the bus and waited for 20 minutes before the bus arrived. Got on the bus and told the destination and ha ha ha the driver said "This bus is not gonna take you there. Take another bus at the bus stop a block away"

Naa waiting for another 20 minutes for another bus wasn't a big deal. Ajar sabar sikit je.

I am staying in Fremont, suburban area of California while San Francisco is the urban area of course. Dan we (3 of us) could tell the differences between people in suburban and urban area. Ala mcm KL dengan Ledang la. People in KL generally tend to be more individualistic. Generally speaking tho. Contoh la, if you need help in Fremont, say, you don't exactly know the direction because Google maps might haven't updated the route and you ask somebody around, he would definitely get you to the place you desire much (hiperbola i know). But in urban area, time is running people are chasing for it. But hey they would still help you with the road tho, don't worry.

After approximately an hour riding bus then here we areeee!!!

Tadaaa Golden Gate Bridge!!!

Jalan sampai tengah bridge je sebab the bridge is longggg we kenot.

An unknown guy was suddenly came to get him into the picture frame and the best of all was that he blocked Fatin haha
Kesian Fatin ya.

How do the bridge get the Golden Gate name?
You can read it here
Na I can get them for you.

"The strait of water flowing between the San Francisco peninsula and the headlands of Marin was formed during the last Ice Age by the waters of Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers which scoured a deep channel through the bed rock on their way to the ocean. The strait is about three miles long by one mile wide, well known for its depth, with powerful tidal Pacific Ocean currents ranging from 4.5 to 7.5 knots.
Often surrounded by fog, the strait was surprisingly elusive for the early 16th century European explorers, Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo and Sir Francis Drake, who encamped and careened the Golden Hind in West Marin in June 1577. 
The first observation of the strait occurred nearly 200 years later. In 1769, Sgt. Jose Francisco Ortega led a scouting party north along the San Mateo peninsula to the present day San Francisco, and reported he could go no further because of the strait. On August 5, 1775, Juan de Ayala and the San Carlos crew became the first Europeans to pass through the strait, anchoring in a cove behind Angel Island. Until the 1840s, the strait was called the “Boca del Puerto de San Francisco,” (mouth of the Port of San Francisco).
On July 1, 1846, two years before the discovery of gold in California U.S. Army Captain John C. Fremont gazed at the narrow strait that separates the Bay for the Pacific Ocean, and said “it is a golden gate to trade with the Orient.” The name first appeared in his Geographical Memoir, submitted to the U.S. Senate on June 5, 1948, when he wrote, “to this Gate I gave the name of “Chrysopylae” or “Golden Gate” for the same reasons that the harbor of Byzantium was called Chrysoceras, or Golden Horn.”
That same year, Congress authorized the publication of Fremont’s journal, along with Charles Preuss’ important 1848 map, the most accurate portrayal of western America between the Rockies and the Pacific. Fremont’s famous appellation “Golden Gate” for the entrance to San Francisco Bay appeared for the first time on Preuss’ map. He later dropped the Greek Chrysophylae to proclaim “I named [the strait] Golden Gate.”
John C. Fremont had distinguished himself as an engineer, geographer, scientific collector and explorer, a glamorous career that earned him the nickname “the Pathfinder.”
Fremont’s published journal officially applied the name "Golden Gate" to the entrance to San Francisco Bay. The construction of the Golden Gate Bridge certainly has added to the Golden Gate Strait's allure."

You people, read. I do not simply copy-pasted ok. I typed it from the web, and I read it too, now I know how the bridge got the name! Tadaa life is simple if you read up.

Then only we went down to Crissy Field for the picnic.
It was fun walking down to the field from the bridge, the air was really coooool and fresh.
Once we got down ha apa lagi makan bekal bubur all the way from Fremont sebab tak tahan lapaq sangat that we could die of. Wow nikmat dia memang real and the bubur was really yummy delicious omnomnom thanks to Elisha and Aifaa the great cooks.

After done eating, we continued walking, looking for Aunty Nini until we saw people playing frisbee uuuuu they two people so good in frisbee, setanding Mirza Haikarl atau mungkin lebih hebat.

(video credit: Aifaa)

Right after the plate touched the ground, Fatin be like "Aku nak mainnn" gedik dia tu and she picked the plate up and flicked it to the guy. 
He approached us and another guy suddenly asked, "Are you guys Malaysians?" 
We were like, "Yes we are! How do you know?"
"You said 'lah' je now"
See a single word can tell where you from.

"Are you here for potluck?" The first guy asked.
"Yes! Are you guys with Aunty Nini?"
"Ha she's not here yet"
Tadaa that's how we found the picnic spot! 

The best part of course eating time! AND WE HAD NASI LEMAK minus bilis and kacang but sokayh the sambal so yummy and the nasi cukup berlemak!!! Nigel the one who made the sambal spent 6 hours only on the it tauu k now I am missing Malaysia so bad.... 
I had durian mooncake tooo maigad it tasted gooddd i am missing pulut durian plus santan dah pulak.

They are all so friendly!! Felt like being home. Gotta chance to make more new friends. Fatin found one from her hometown, Kajang.

Then the Skyliners arrived. Dapat jumpa Ain dan Fieza classmates during MADPP cool tak cool tak.

jemah sangat dak2 kelas B ni

Girls from Ohlone, Skyline, San Mateo and Aunty Nini our mak angkat, katanya.

After filling up the stomach ya kami (Ohlone, Skyline) langsung pamit dari pikniknya.
Look forward to having more gatherings with them BAMA (Bay Area Malaysian Association) people after this.

We then spent the remaining time for us, only us!
That's the way to have more time to exchange stories and of course to come out with more pictures.

tak kami tak acah k ni candid

Penat ah bergambar.
My skin was like literally got burned because I was rushing to catch the bus that I even did not have time to apply lip balm apatah lagi krim semua.

Oh ya dak2 Skyline takde shades sebab Pacifica jarang ada matahari so

(pictures credit to: Aifaa, Fatin, Aunty Nini)

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