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Tuesday, December 2, 2014


dah habis.
seronok? ada.
sedih? sikit.
risau? banyaakkkkkkk.

wondering if i manage to survive.
lack of skills, still.
i was told, i mean frequently being told "you're nothing wout skill"

terima kasih mrsm taiping for two years you taught me many many many things - to not be selfish, make orders on pakcik burger delivery, dominos, respect, love (god klisenya), decide the wrongs and rights which i would say i still do not manage on it till this very second, manage times WISELY YES WISELY HO HO HO, take care of myself hmm, be considerate, manners, friendship yes friendship so called friendship he he he -_- (i can make an entry about friendship during those two years but too lazy), maturity (reminds me of Mansur al-Maturidi already), SCHOLASTIC yeahhhh all credits goes to Najihah Zahir la cemni, wifi sampai ke dorm, kdrama kpop (thanks to ppl here i know Lee Min Ho in my form 4 yes thank you so much yknow the first time i watched City Hunter i was like god who's that perfect man weh like seriously!!!!!!!)

that feeling you already made isi-isi for karangan but so lazy to expand them you know or not?
i'm having that bic

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