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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Graduation Day

I'm home after having a great and an awesome Graduation Day. What Anugerah I got? To be the 3rd onto the stage for getting a 3.87 for my TPNG. Then, Anugerah Pengetua for 2nd Semester of 2012, Anugerah Gemilang which is an Anugerah for those who got 3.5 and above for all the semesters (5 semesters), and Anugerah Terbaik Subjek Sains. The pictures are nothing, but at least they are going to tell you something.

This girl, Fitrah.

You have to know this man, Cikgu Mat Isa who is a great one
and he sacrifices so many thing for all of us, Form 3 students :)

Shaudah Ameena :)

This boy, Syed Yamin, the smartest boy.

With Alif Aiman, President of Student Representative Council....

....and so Nad, always wants to be with him.

With Daniel Khoo and Yas.

..and again,

Overall, this Graduation Day is damn awesome. May I graduate everyday? 

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